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Kysor Johnson Model R (Cedar Crest, NM) $750

Nov 28, 2017
Hey Guys. Below is the copy from the ad I posted trying to move my bandsaw. Its a bit hyperbolic cause, its craigslist. The link is below and if you mention you're from the the forum, it'll go at the PM discounted rate. Contact me thru CL because I don't check here very often.
Cheers, John

Kysor Johnson Model R 12" Capacity Bandsaw USA Made - tools - by...

Time to downsize my shop and let this old American made iron band saw go. I've owned this for about 5 years and it has seen minimal home machinist shop use since my purchase. Saw has been repainted once prior to my purchase. Parts still available from Dake Corp to this day. This is the kind of saw that will outlive you. Dudes in the post apocalyptic wastelands will be jerry rigging this to run on human power in 100 years.

A few specs/notes:
This saw is capable of cutting 12" flats and 7" rounds, pretty massive for a saw of this size.
Hydraulic downfeed and lockout
Adjustable Cutting Pressure (Spring controlled)
Adjustable coolant pump (always ran it dry as I'm just a home gamer)
220v 3/4hp 3 phase motor currently running via VFD (additional $100 if you want the VFD)
Link belt on motor to smooth power delivery
Adjustable blade speed (50, 100, 170 FPM)
4" swivel casters to easily move around the shop

A few less than great notes:
Hydraulic downfeed does not lock out at max bow opening. Probably needs new seals or fresh fluid.
Only comes with one blade. I simply did not use it enough to wear a high end Starrett blade out.

Mainly looking to sell outright but might be into a few things in trade. I could be interested in a partial trade for a smaller horizontal metal bandsaw if you're upgrading. I could use a good sized (14"+) vertical bandsaw for either metal or wood. I'm always looking for machine tools like mills, lathes, and CNC stuff. An AC/DC Tig welder would be a good addition to my shop as well as a full acetylene rig. I certainly would entertain a trade for a decent jointer (6"+ ) and I'm always into sawmills despite their rarity out here. Finally 2A adult projectile throwers are always fun.


Feb 19, 2002
Peralta, NM USA
I'm in Peralta and might be up for something resembling a trade. I've got both a 14" wood bandsaw and one of the import horizontals that I built a new stand for, both with plenty of blades. PM me if you're interested and maybe we can work a deal.