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Lang 52mm fixtures, how hard can I cut on them?


Cast Iron
Dec 11, 2013
Alberta canada
I landed a bunch of Lang 52mm fixtures at an auction and was just wondering how hard can you cut on them?
I got a haas vf2 “20HP” and several small-repeat jobs that would be nice to plop a fixture in and hit go.
Assuming the fixture is made well and part is clamped to the fixture well, Can I take a 10-15hp facing cut?
Say a kennmetal dodeka 2” 45deg cutter 5 tooth 0.125” deep 1.9 step over 0.006-8 per tooth?
Or will I overwhelm it and have an issue?


Apr 1, 2022
Those lang 52 or 96 quick point mounts are pretty damn stout. You'd rip the part out of the fixture on top before you came even remotely close to having a problem with the base itself. lang rates the 96mm to hold over 300lbs with just four studs and that's holding the part sideways or upside down in a 5 axis.