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Large collection of pre 1900 machine tools for sale


Cast Iron
Jul 26, 2018
Thanks for the thought. Some of the machines came from American Precision Museum with the help of Ed Battison. Ed would arrange for a machine to be deaccessioned and then sold with the money going to the museum. They were either duplicates or near duplicates and the museum was (and probably still is) out of space.

So true.

The General Public has little concept of how Expen$ive it is to run any Museum.

Acquiring the Items, Cataloguing them, Restoring them, Storing them, Conserving them, Security - the costs go on and on and on.

The rightful place for so very much is in the care of PRIVATE COLLECTORS. Who often treat artifacts far better than some local no-name museum (no, I am in no way implying the American Precision Museum is one of those).

A friend of mine has any extensive collection of local Memorabilia, and considered donating it all to his Town. They were interested, and invited his visit. He was dismayed when they gave him a tour of the dank basement their present Treasures resided - rotting and crumbling away.