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Large Volume CNC recomendations


Hot Rolled
Mar 7, 2012
Ormond Beach
Our sister company just got this Diamond. I'm not sure they are 100% happy with it. Not sure why since I haven't talked with them extensively after the install. The have some tight tolerances to hit on some big molds that would be demanding on any machine. May fit you Needs depending on what they are.

Last place I use to work did a project with the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology and they were in the process of getting a Zimmerman machine installed. I was blown away with the site work and foundation that had to be done for this thing. I bet the prep work alone was a few hundred k. So some machines require a lot of capital on top of their list price is the take away from that experience.


May 14, 2015
I don't post much but felt this thread was up my alley.

We own 2 "Toyoda" Cframe mills, 2007 vintage from Methods, they are built by Awea. BM1020 and a BM1600. Fully Taiwanese. They have been decent for Taiwanese machines. I think we only have like 6-7k hours on each. I do work on them from time to time and did a spindle on the BM1600 around 4500hrs.

Toyoda's are now built by Wele, at least the bridge mills are. They claim only the HBM's and grinders are built in Japan now.

I also own a 2019 Mitsubishi MVR30Ex double column bridge mill. Now Nidec.

We considered Yama Seiki (Awea), Toyoda (Wele), Okuma, SNK, Doosan, and MHI(Nidec). We bought an in stock 5meter by 2meter MVR30Ex, the quotes on the Taiwanese machines were less, but did not have a W-axis and I knew we would fight the machines just like our 2007 Aweas.

Strongly suggest getting a Japanese made machine, the cost difference is negligible if you look 20 years down the road. I was closely considering the Wele machine, and I am so glad we landed on the MHI. The quality is outstanding and I never have to wonder if I made the right decision.