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Laser engraving machines for "deep" metal engraving? (.030 in 420SS)


Sep 14, 2015
Hey all, my company is currently spending a fortune at 3rd party vendors having our injection molding components (420 SS or hardened tool steel) and carbon graphite electrodes laser engraved. The shape and sharp edge requirements make milling impossible.

I've been tasked with potentially getting machinery in house to make these parts.

What are some brands of laser engravers that offer solutions for our needs?

We make consumer plastic components (bottle caps, jars, etc). Virtually everything we need engraved is less than 10in x 10in x 10in with most of it closer to 4in cubed. Most of the engraving is logos and text, and it trends around .020 deep with a finish comparable to rough EDM finish. Accuracy in any given axis +/- .001 in.

I've spoke with a company called Telesis who offers a solution.

What are some other industry leaders who provide such a solution?

For reference, the Telesis solution was a 50watt fiber laser, and an automatic Z focus and X and Y table are mandatory for our application.

Any help at all would be tremendous.