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Jun 1, 2004
o here are two long term projects that are coming along . one is a remington mod 510 single shot action

that i fitted a savage 93r17 [17HMR] barrel in to .i try to do this with out setting the back at the breech end

as i don't have a chambering reamer and i can use the two existing extractor cuts . installed in a rem. 513

stock . only thing left to do is drill and tap for two weaver #43 scope bases . the rem. 500 type [other then

514 not same family ] action has two locking lugs . i picked this idea up from my dad he was making

22mags out of them back in the late 60's . i also did one with a green mountain barrel in a 513 stock and

made it in to 17 mach 2 . cool thing about that is that round will fit and feed from the mag . so now on to

the Anschutz mod 64 match i picked up the action and stock for $40 at an az. show . no barrel , no bolt .

no under rail, no action screws , no trigger guard and the trigger was broke off . well i think i have a bolt so
what the hell why not just one more project to pail up on the horizontal catch all yon know any horizontal

surface . so after years of looking at it playing with it as set there in the chair i formulated a plan . i had a

Winchester mod. 52 barrel that someone had drilled some extra holes in . so after turning the od down to

fit the stock and treading a spacer to take up the extra length of the shank [did a press on one on the 513]

i fitted the barrel to the action . i removed the trigger and had the bright idea to silver solder it to a broken

rem. 700 trigger as i was heating the 64 triggeri saw it start to melt oh no its aluminum or pot metal so just

to get things going i use some jb weld . [i will make the part from steel and solder it later ] next a trigger

guard i had a rem. mod. 700 ADL guard that was butchered a bit and i made some guard screws .last for

now the rail i had a chunk of mag [ya the stuff that burns] so milled one from it . the jig in the pic's was to

hold the rail after a band sawed it off . to mill the bottom . the jig is from the chunk that the rail came from .
well i hope i did not bore you to death and to the spelling Nazi's out there that have a problum with my

lack of writhing skills please feel free not to read it or rewrite it as i have no time for the Homogenization

of this world [not as in a race thing but as in a way that one thinks , learns , talks , lives there life its what

makes us what we are] . i never wanted to be another brick in the wall . so shine on you crazy Diamond


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Apr 24, 2013
Mercer Island WA
My brother in the 1970s got a Rem 510 for $7.
He TIG welded a rear peep sight for it.
I glued some Walnut where someone had cut if for a child.
We had so much fun with that gun, we collected dozens of Remington 22 rifles.

Most of the 510 series did not come drilled and tapped for scope or with 3/8" dovetail mounts.
I drill and tap with 6-48 threads for Weaver mounts.
The books will say #42 Weaver on the barrel and #43 Weaver on the receiver, but I like to put two #43 Weavers on the receiver.


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Hot Rolled
Aug 8, 2004
Great job on those rifles 1. Very creative mating all the different makes and models. Your descriptions were perfectly readable to me, mainly because my wife writes in a combination of Dutch and english with phonetic spelling that is somewhat "entertaining" to read. Jim