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Lb4000ex - stalling when trying to push 2" drill


Aug 5, 2013
Illinois, USA

We have had this machine a little over a year, and previously never needed to push big drills.

New job, and were trying to get it running. Operator is telling us machine is stalling the spindle, when trying to push a 2.00 indexable drill. Was running at about 500 RPM, .005 IPR.

This drill has run for years on an Okuma 1420 Cadet with no problems.

The 1420 Cadet is a belt drive machine, and the LB4000 is an integral spindle, but I think the machines have comparable HP.

I'm thinking the control may have some tool load monitoring or similar user selected parameter that the previous owners may have set to shut it down if too much thrust was used such as a broken tool..

Anyone with experience can direct me to what and where such a setting may be?