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Learning the mazak interface


Oct 26, 2023
Is there a website or a simulator I can use that will teach me the mazak interface? I’ve used Haas, Doosan and many others but never had the chance to use any Mazak controllers

Thanks for your help!
Hey that's how I learned on night shift. I've been recommending his videos IRL to new operators.

I would recommend the programming book for your machine too. On our old T-plus controller Mazatrol had some unintuitive behaviors for me that would have scrapped parts if I hadn't watched the simulation. (feeding in reverse causes mazak to think the tool was flipped across the x axis so it shifts the tool by 2xTNR without telling you, the groove edge you program to for groove location differs depending which groove process type is selected)
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I wish Phil would buy a Mazak mill, and help us all there.
Should I start a crowd funding project to encourage him ?
Thanks for the kind words. Funny part is Phil is really not a mill guy at heart. :willy_nilly:

I am grateful I have a bad ass Mazak Integrex i-400S at work to do my milling. Sitting opposite of the Integrex is an identical copy of the small Mazak CNC Lathe I have at home. Been running that same 10N ATC/MC since 1996. It's my baby. :cloud9:
I bought the qt8 in January 2022 when the covid 19 period was ending. Due to covid 19 and the shipping date I did not receive any training on the lathe in using the mazatrol system. I had no experience using cnc technology before purchasing the qt8. It was only thanks to Phil's videos that I learned how to control qt8. He deserves a lot of thanks for his work.