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Leblond 13" Heavy Duty Lathe


I have recently found a local 13x30" Leblond Heavy Duty lathe for sale. The thing looks like Leblond tried to make a Monarch class lathe. The lathe looks to be really nice but I can not find any information on a late model 13" heavy duty. I only can find information on the 16" model and it is very scarce. I can't even find another picture of a 13" Leblond heavy duty.

It seems like there were 3 versions of the heavy duty line and the one I am looking at would be the newest version. I was wondering if anyone has used one of these and if they are up there with real Monarchs. I am trying to replace my 15x54" Cincinnati as it is too big for my space and although the Leblond is quite large it is short enough to fit where I originally wanted to place the Cincinnati. Ideally I would like a 13x30 Monarch model 61 but they seem to be quite difficult to come by and the Leblond has a better speed selection.

Any input would be appreciated! Thank you!


12 HD from late fifties. Its actual swing is like 14


There were RP (rapid production) HD 13s, Most of these came with no lead screw - so no single point threading

You could get serial and call up Le Blond and ask them. Serial in between two front ways stamped into machined cast iron at right end
I have the 14" model built in 1953, its a nice machine maybe not a monarch but a good heavy lathe.I've been posting in the tooling for sale site here for a steady rest, hope yours has one, I would like to see it to get an idea what to look for.The speed range is excellent.


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its a nice machine maybe not a monarch ...
Kind of sad ... LeBlond is ten or twenty years older than Monarch and many of their product lines just as good. They had plenty of models that were really really nice. Even the cheap Regal was quite well-made for the price (if you got one without the *&^% servo-shift.)
Heres my 14,its in great shape,alot heavier than the servo shifts I've run.I picked this up locally.I didn"t need it but I guess I have a soft spot in my heart for old machines,or a soft spot in my head for buying this stuff.IMG_20211001_083448872.jpg