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Lenz tkd2 boring head


Jul 24, 2017
I bought an unused lenz tkd2 taper boring head, does anybody have the manual, does anybody know something about the compagnie? Any help would be apreceated. Thnx

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Apr 19, 2021
I have an LKD2 head with a manual. I could let you have a copy if I can work out how to send a PDF.
No disrespect to car2 but the taper boring head is quite a different beast from the plain head. You will need to unscrew the shank from time to time as it is necessary to do a partial dismantling of the head to clean and re-lubricate.


May 28, 2022
I have a regular Lenz boring head, it's VERY well made and works great. I saw one of those on Ebay for some time, and was interested, but not interested enough to buy it. But I did take some screen shots of the instruction sheet. You also might find more by searching Dapra LKD Variform etc. Have fun.

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PS. I would advise against trying to replace the shank. It is an integral part of the stackup and assembly of the head, and has some extremely precise steps and dimensions ground into the bottom of the shank. I have a PDF copy of the standard boring head instructions which includes parts-lists and disassembly instructions. I'd assume that the top part of the mechanism is similar with additional gearing to drive the swiveling arm. If you like, I can email that manual.
Hi. I have lkd 2 head and I can't find the manual. Are you have it? Please and please send it to me.