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Lift using two chain hoists


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Dec 12, 2012
ny usa
Just man up, and huck it. A roll of duct tape between friends, to hold you balls in place? Small price to pay for the stories you'll forever embolden. And the pictures? Oh, the pictures. When you pull that tape off.......
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Aug 31, 2006
I've got two (Yale, I think) single phase electric hoists on one beam. A quarter ton and a one ton.

I've overhauled this ancient Kewaunee boiler I heat the house with a few times, and I use this contraption to lift and turn and spin the thing to get it in proper cutting and welding position.

The quarter ton won't lift the boiler by itself.. but the one ton has no problem. I've got lifting lugs on all 4 lower corners, and a center lug on the top in the middle.

Usually I'll lift the thing off the floor with the one ton, then as it's lifting I'll use the quarter ton unit to manipulate the boiler to get it laid over or tilted or whatever the situation calls for.