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links about leveling a lathe and alignment

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Sep 23, 2002
Lawrenceville GA USA
I copied this post and the links so they can be referenced in the future. Thanks to Richard King for posting them

I think this Lodge & Shiply Lathe manual show how to properly align a lathe bed with Levels. As I have said for years now, If your not going to use coolant then leveling is not to important. You do need to keep it somewhat level so the lubrication runs correctly on the ways and inside the oil reservoirs. I especially like the last few pages where they set a parallel on the wings of the saddle to check the tool path as the saddle travels down the bed.

In my classes I bring up the old saying "how do you level a lathe on a ship"? Or how do you level a slant bed lathe? Alignment is important to eliminate any twist in the bed. We use a precision level to compare the alignment along the bed-ways. http://vintagemachinery.org/pubs/2104/3558.pdf

Below I use the section in this manual to explain thee 2 collar test. Page 10 - 13 .

I know it's a Turret Lathe but they go into leveling vs. Alignment. I have been using this method to check all types and brand lathes.

I use Vintage Machinery a lot when teaching. If you have not used it, you will find it invaluable when looking for manuals. I would also ask if you use it, to donate a few dollars to keep this site going.

On many Asian and I've seen it on Colchester lathes the head stock can be turned as they sit on flat ways and there is a dowel pin that allows it to spin to adjust out misalignment. I'll look for a manual that shows that too.
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