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Linuxcnc for Fusion360 Post Processor


Mar 5, 2023
Hello ,

I am new to the forum and I would like to say hello to everyone.

I made a 5 axis CNC machine with Linuxcnc ( for those who know ) my machine is a XYZBC configuration with B axis on table and C axis on B axis .

My CFOA is fusion 360 . Before saying more I attach two videos to illustrate my problem.

One is the simulation of a chamfer machining while rolling and the other is the return on the machine, it seems that the angles are opposite but I can't solve the problem. Pb post processor or linuxcnc configuration.

If someone can help me it is with great pleasure that I will welcome your suggestions.

Thanks for your help


Dec 22, 2012
NB, Canada
It's hard to tell from the camera position but I get the feeling it's calculating your movement for a tool perpendicular to the spindle axis, behaving as an XYZAB.

Did you try posting on the Fusion 360 forum run by Autodesk? You may get an answer directly from Fusion 360 staff.