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Live centers - Skoda 5MT & import 3MT


Cast Iron
Jul 2, 2008
Metro Detroit, MI
Skoda MT #5 Precision Heavy Duty Live Lathe Center Set with Interchangeable Inserts (according to the add copy). Tip removal tool + live center with one tip. Turns smoothly. Tip shows wear. Was part of an auction bundle - box with tips either for a smaller live center or different brand. $50 + $15.25 USPS flat rate shipping.

No name 3MT import live center. First live center I bought when I upgraded from a small 1920s SB to a larger Clausing - probably 25 yrs old. I'm thinning my live center heard - minimal use. Turns smoothly. NOTE: shaft was too short to eject from my Clausing tailstock and I was not about to dismantle the tailstock a second time to remove the live center so I welded a nut as a spacer on the end. $8 + $10 USPS flat rate shipping.

PayPal or check/MO. Shipping delayed until check/MO clears.