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Lodge and Shipley parts source needed


Aug 13, 2005
Bremerton, Wa
Local Tech School has a 1960 L&S Powershift Model 2013 in need of the clutch brake assy
Anyone know where to look for parts?

Joe Michaels

Apr 3, 2004
Shandaken, NY, USA
Contact Lucas Precision, 216-451-5588. Lucas Precision is a smaller company which now owns Lodge & Shipley, Monarch, Sidney, Lucas and Natco-Carlton. They have several plants and do provide parts and tech support. Recently, Lucas Precision furnished a brand-new Lodge & shipley engine lathe to the US Navy. This L & S was to replace one which had been int he machine shop of the USS Cole when it was attacked in Yemen. While L & S no longer builds engine lathes every day of the week, they did build a new one fro the Navy. If you call Lucas Precision, they should be able to provide tech support on the lathe you are working on.

On a long shot: this may work out for used L & S parts- try Yancey Machine Tool Company in Portland, Oregon. They had a warehouse that had a load of heavy US made machine tools that are either going to be rebuilt, rebuilt/modified for some customer's special needs, or else parted out. I can;t say they would have what you need, but it is worth a shot. Their phone number is: 503-228-7259.

Lucas Parts

Feb 2, 2022
UPDATE - Lucas Precision does NOT handle Lodge & Shipley parts.
Please contact Monarch Lathe in Sidney, Ohio (937) 492-4111.
Lucas Precision only handles parts for Lucas Boring Mills, Carlton Radial Arm Drills, and NATCO multi-spindle Drills.
We are owned By FERMAT in the Czech Republic and also sell their line of boring mills and grinders.