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Lodge & Shipley Powerturn 1610 18” x 78” For Sale VA


Mar 18, 2018
Blacksburg, VA
For want of space etc, I guess I am going to sell. Looking for about $6500 I suppose.

I am selling a Lodge and Shipley Powerturn model 1610 lathe. It swings 18” diameter over the carriage, and 10” over the cross slide. It takes 78” between centers. It is a D1-6 camlock spindle with a Morse taper #4 tailstock. It uses a CA sized tool post. The main long ways and the cross slide ways are hardened tool steel. It has a taper attachment. It has two steady rests, one plain bearing and the other roller bearing. The lathe motor is 15 horsepower, dual voltage either 220V or 440V three phase. It is currently wired 220V three phase with a NEMA 15-50 plug. It has correct motor heaters and fuses. The lathe has 24 speeds, from 21 to 1740 rpm. It was new in March 1964. Lodge and Shipley lathes are still supported by the Monarch Machine Tool Company. It originally came out of the Dana Corporation’s tool room, as evidenced by the tag still on the motor.

This lathe has been cleaned and wired, and is ready to put on the floor and make parts. I have made about 5 things on it, and it has run perfectly.

I have thoroughly deep-cleaned and lubricated the lathe. I disassembled the saddle, apron, and tailstock to clean all the lubrication channels and ways. The feed rod, control rod, and leadscrew and the associated end gearing and bearings have been cleaned lubricated. The headstock, gearbox, and apron oil has been emptied and replaced with fresh. The headstock oil filter has been replaced. All felts are new as well. The motor bearings have been cleaned and regreased, as well as the motor cleaned. It has new drive belts. The headstock controls have been cleaned, and the headstock gasket replaced.

It is located in Blacksburg, VA 24060 under power. I have a local rigger. We can work to load the machine either at my place, or you can pick it up in Dublin, VA 24084 from my rigger’s place. It weighs about 9,000 lbs.


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Mar 18, 2018
Blacksburg, VA
Additional photos


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