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Logan model 200 lathe compatible with a south bend worm gear apron?


Nov 27, 2023
I was wondering if anyone with a better idea of old logan/south bend lathes could let me know if it is at all possible to put a south bend lathe apron with a worm gear on a Logan lathe with the plain apron? I would assume some sort of modification to the lathe or apron would need to be done due to them being different manufacturers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The picture with the white background is the south bend apron in question and the others are my current lathes apron


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Could it be done? Possibly. Is it a good idea.... I doubt it on many levels. If you're trying to fix a damaged or incomplete lathe, you're better to wait of the right parts to come along. Typically, swapping major assemblies between lathes already has the high probability of machines from different batches or generations having minor differences meaning you can't just bolt on parts, and throwing in another manufacturer's parts really messes things up. The amount of fitting it would take to produce a totally bastard machine just doesn't make sense to me (and I've got my share of senseless projects).

If you just want the function, you'd be better off to just buy a lathe with the better apron. A Logan 820 has what you're looking for, but for what it's worth, I liked the push-pull action on my old Logan 200 better than the clutch engagement on my old 820. It just had a snappier on/off function.
What you want is the Logan "Automatic Apron". Those, with compatible carriages, are available on ebay sometimes. You may need a QCGB and different leadscrew brackets, if you don't have them, as the apron is farther out than the plain one, IIRC.