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Long flute vs standard flute vs stub flute length S&F


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Nov 25, 2020
Riga, Latvia
Me being a new to machining, I have run into a this situation. I have to use long flute 12mmx45mm 4t solid carbide flat endmill for reach and finish reasons. Not having ton of experience I base my speeds and feeds on manufacturer's datasheets. And same parameters are for both standard length, long flute and stubs. These cutting parameters do perfectly fine on standard length, I guess stub would be fine as well, and can be loaded more afterwards to full potentional. However, It took me 2 endmills to dial speeds and feeds for long flute, and that was not as simple as dialing down feed, or RPM.
Is there a way to ballpark adjust speeds and feeds on longer flute tools compared to standard length, not to nuke endmills on first touch on material?
12x30mm standard length is 0.09 feed per tooth 4800 rpm 1720mm/min feed rate 1.8mm stepover. Full flute DOC
12x45mm long flute is 0.11 per tooth 8000 RPM, 0.5mm stepover. 30mm DOC.
Material is carbon steel
Not even close.
Same holder same everything. Is there a better way to estimate a base line cutting parameters for these?