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long term project done


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well it only took 12 years but its done . like most things it started off with an idea and a drawing . some of what is in the

sketch is in the final build and some is not the main things are the two firing pin tips so it strikes the case 180 d apart from

each other and the other is the bolt face being inside the [recess ] bolt so that i could use the two locking lugs . the other

thing of note is the bolt is retracted fully to the rear [against the bolt stop ] it is a single shot and there is no extractor . after

firing the spent shell is extracted with the nail of your index finger [Steve in your case use another finger ] i took it to the

range monday for its first time out and fired aprox. 100 rounds with out a mishap and after setting the scope was hitting clay

birds at 100 yards [on the ground of course] so not to bad for a 22 rim fire short std. vols. ammo of unknown origin . the rec.

was from a k98sniper [all i got was the rec.] that was trashed it had a big dovetail cut in the ring and you could see the

threads and the clip guide had been cut down and the barrel was from a win mod 1885 single shot that had lots of extra

holes in it i would have love to have made it in 22 LR but it started off as a 22 short with a 1 in 22 twist so that's that .

now the two cross bolts in the stock are not for the shoulder crushing recoil of this monster the stock like most of the parts

from this build was a hand me down from an 09 arg that someone at the range gave me after they blew it up. so like they say parts are




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Like Gaskill said it is interesting. I too would not mind seeing details. I figured out why the extension on the barrel, to make single shot loading possible/easier. I cannot see an extractor, first look an extractor does not seem possible. Shooting a hundred rounds in one afternoon it cannot be too slow to extract and reload.

A pile of otherwise scrap parts becomes a useful and a nice looking target/gallery rifle, what is not to like.


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the extractor is your finger nail on your index finger and it works quite well . as far as pic's of the bolt it is together and i don't

want to take it apart as it took me sometime to get it all together but i will try to post a drawing that brakes it down i will tell you

this the two firing pins are hard soldered to a pin that goes inside the sub bolt head [the bolt head that is recess in to 98 bolt

body]there is a slot milled in it that let the firing pin assy. move back and forth about an 1/8" with a spring that holds it back from

the sub bolt face to get this all together there is a slave pin for assy. in the 98 bolt body at the extractor ring under cut there is a

hole that the assy pin goes that holds the firing pin and the sub bolt head in to the 98 bolt body and the extractor ring holds the pin

in place also on that ring there is a slide [block] attached that when the bolt is open one end is at the back of the left side locking

lug and with the bolt is pulled back comes up against the bolt stop so that way the bolt dose not have to be pulled back all the way

[Winchester did the same thing on there mod 70 in 22 hornet]. here is a few pics of some of the things i am playing with now the one on

the bottom is a no.1 mk. 3 that i made in to a poor mans no.2 mk. 4 [.22 lr] about 15 years ago a guy at the range showed up with a no.2

mk.4 i ask him if i could look at it and after cheeking it out i told him i am going to make one of these so long story short i took the

back end of one of the Indian 410 shotgun barrels [ i used the front end of that barrel to fix a Remington mod 41 that someone made a

pistol out of so i made a poor mans Routledge bore 22 shotgun out of] . so with the back end of that 410 barrel and a demill win. 67

that got cut off at the rec. i bored out the 410 and turned down the 67 keeping the org. chamber put the two together and gun parts

corp at the time had the 22 bolt heads for 15 bucks and the extractor for 7 all i need is a front top hand guard or two to get them

done . now for the top one that was a no.1 mk. 3 dp that i cut the barrel off at the demill hole and retreaded and chambered to 7.62 x

39 i turned the bolt head down and made a ring to support the case head and reworked the extractor as far as the ejector goes i may go

for the rem 700 type in the bolt head time will tell and leaning up against the walls i only have another 20 or so to work on well one

day maybe

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"the extractor is your finger nail on your index finger and it works quite well ." Quote

Yeah, that is the way I would have probably done it. 22 short does not really stick to the chamber anyway. Did not see anything that resembled an extractor and it was hard to imagine how it could even be done. I thought I would ask just in case there was one hidden in there.


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Did you use a "short" reamer or just ream it long rifle and use shorts? I have a friend trying to make an original bubba modified Krag 22 gallery rifle functional again. Every possible piece that made it unique is broken or bubba-ed, so he has nothing to lose by changing stuff up on it now.