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Looking at a new(to me) Okuma MC-V3016...thoughts?


Hot Rolled
Nov 8, 2013
north of Bean town
Hi all,

Im looking at adding a new mill here. specifically V3016. its a 2001(older but were moving in the right direction)

Right now, im primaraly 3 axis VMC with a robodrill set up with a hass 5c indexer.

I have 2 okuma mills around the same vintage that i absolutely love.

this machine is a 4 axis with a 3j indexer(and tailstock)
it comes with TSC , chip auger and a few accessories
it has the same 10U control i have here

this is my first mill with TSC, so that will be different(this is a good thing)
BUT>>> I viewed a video of the machine doing different things and all looks and sounds good except
when the TSC is turned on, it does indeed come out of the tool, but also after the coolant comes out the tool, about 3 sec, coolant is spraying out from what looks like where the spindle meets the head, it is spraying at the door in no sort of form, so im thinking trouble down the road? Bad seals? needs rebuild

I have never dealt with TSC in mills so this maybe perfectly fine?

Other than that i would also like to hear any comments from people who have run this machine

thanks again