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Looking At New VMCs. Recommendations?


Sep 6, 2011
Holland, MI
Hey Guys,

We're getting to the point where we could use a second spindle in the shop. We currently run a 98 Hurco BMC 4020. I was talking to one of my main customers who we do some production for about adding some capacity and we agreed it would be wise to have a second spindle on the floor for redundancy at the very least, but having a modern mill would be very nice.

I'd like to stay away from Haas, but I'm pretty open otherwise. Budgetarily speaking, not sure what we can get financed (haven't checked) for but I'd like to stay under 150k if we can manage that. Lease with a buyout would be ok too. I will have to look into the financing part and see what we can afford. I try to avoid debt if I can, but I can't just write a check for a new mill right now. We're a pretty young business so we don't have a long history with the bank or anything like that. I've just paid cash for what I have so far, but they've all been pretty inexpensive purchases.

I had Hurco send me a quote on a new 40 x 20 mill in their VM and VMX classes, but I haven't contacted anyone else. I don't know anyone with a newer Hurco, so I can't go see one in a friend's shop or anything. My friends all have Doosan or Mazak machines, one with a handful of Mazak and Fadal, with a single DMG mori not being used. I offered to buy the DMG and my buddy wouldn't sell it to me, says he wouldn't do that to a friend. Apparently that machine has been nothing but trouble and he's been given the run around by DMG.

Mazak and Okuma would be great, but I'm not sure I can get something from them to fit the budget. I have a Mazak lathe and LOVE it, but I have never run a Mazak mill. If I can get one in my budget, that would be sweet.

I would like to go no smaller than a 40 x 20 machine, CAT 40 with at least 30+ tools. We have 24 on the Hurco now and I would like to have more in the magazine.

We're a job shop, we primarily make stuff from stainless, aluminum, delrin, nylon and some carbon steel. I would like an integrated indexer/4th axis, we do some positional stuff on a Hartford indexer right now that I would love to semi-automate.

Any input would be helpful.



Jun 7, 2012
Where in Michigan are you?
New Okuma M560v starts at "$138k" but they will go lower. Contact Gosiger.

One other machine to look at is a Hyundai-Wia. Their prices are really good.
Contact Dave Cochenour or Pasquale Lovasco at Next Industries in Shelby Township. These 2 guys were some of the best salesmen I've ever worked with.


May 11, 2017
Minneapolis, MN, USA
If you were looking at a five axis machine, I would agree, stay away from the Haas UMC line. Their VF and VM lines are pretty solid these days though. I ran a VF-3SS with 15K spindle, 1000 PSI TSC, and a trunnion for six years cutting Titanium and 17-4 H900, and it performed pretty well. Could still hold a tenth at the end of the six years, and got five hours of tool life from a 1/2" Helical endmill in Ti at Helical's recommended parameters.


Jun 7, 2011
Ramsey, NJ.
Well, I used to work for Doosan, so I'm a little biased. But it is a great value for the money. Really hard to beat in its price range.
I worked in a shop that had Hurco and their guys loved them. Interestingly they also had Mazak turning centers and the lathe guys loved those too.
Me? I have Okuma and love it. I'm a solid Okuma guy. Yeah,expensive, but a super machine - and to me - the best available.


Dec 17, 2012
Mazak EZ series were 99k at the start of 2021. 20x40 and 30 tools. But I am biased because I only have Mazak. Once you drink the Mazatrol Kool-ade..............