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Looking for a Cleveland area circuit board repair shop

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Feb 10, 2014
Kind of a long shot, but I had a capacitor blow on a board of one of my machines. Rather than shipping it to a repair place I'd like to find a local shop or tech that can repair it. I'm having a hard time finding a place, which is odd considering the number of manufacturing companies in the area that I'm sure could also use the service.
http://iseinc.com/control repair service.htm

If they cannot do it, they probably know of someone who can, and also who to stay away from. They've been around since 1946.

Not a customer, never used them, etc. but I agree there has to be someone up there who still does component-level repair. <--- That' your search term.

Any tech will likely want to look at more than the cap, and access to documentation may be an issue. But they're worth a try.

ISE came through big time! $45 and an hour later I'm back in business. I almost can't believe it was this easy... I'm waiting for the machine to start smoking again.
(usually a couple thousand hours, which is highly dependent on operating temp of the cap

That's probably a year for the average CNC, my Makino with Fanuc 0m is approaching 40k hours, it's had a couple of motherboards replaced, but all other boards are original, still running ok. You can ussually tell visually when electrolytic caps go bad, all the Fanuc ones so far OK.
People would be surprised the number of electronic devices (from simple to complex) can be fixed/saved and the life extended indefinitely by replacing all the electrolytic caps after their rated lifetime (usually a couple thousand hours, which is highly dependent on operating temp of the cap (for every 10'C under the cap's rated operating temp, the lifetime approx doubles), which depends on environment and electrical stress). Barring poor design, or a failure which zaps something else, the silicon and other components last forever.

http://www.burtonsys.com/bad_BP6/story2.html ........and then there was this fun story.

I can't tell you how many exploded capacitors i have replace over the past 10 years or so.

Theres a reason that, as a hobbiest, I MUCH prefer the electronics in older machines. The mid 80's-90's FANUC boards were beautiful single layer point to point, aircraft quality works of art. Diodes, transistors, resistors. Logic gates, wonderful stuff. Very few if any proprietary multirole chips.
A handymans wet dream ;)