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Looking for a different way to tap a big hole!


Nov 5, 2014
Tampa area
Thanks, gcode, that had me rolling on the floor :)

But I can't believe you thought you could hang onto the reaction bar by hand, with a 50 horse spindle on the other end :D

I don't do it in my lathe. I send it out and that shop is closing and I'm not in the mood to start with a new shop, it's a long story so you might want to start from the beginning. I use a borrowed late occasionally. Plus, how do you single point a tapered thread? Never seen that done.


as EG said, taper attachment. I'd rather take 100 passes in auto feed on the lathe than muscling it...

@Gcoder. Lucky you. 2 stories, almost got crunched by a big ass Carlton radial swinging in the wind by a careless operator (12-18" column)

worked with a guy that did get crushed in a molding press.... Only takes one "o h shit" moment to ruin or end someone's life in our industry. :(