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Looking for a good mid grade 3d printer to get started with.


Cast Iron
Apr 19, 2021
Support from Qidi has been great for me, they even email my periodically asking if I have any new questions for them. Other than replacing a hotend that had a bad connection on the thermocouple (they actually sent me an entire new dual extruder head) it has been printing reliably without me having to run a million test prints.


Jun 14, 2008
Bellingham, WA
I tend not to write negative reports on purchase experiences, but I will comment on a purchase I made from 3DPrinters Online Store
Don't use 3DPinters Online Store
On Nov 30 I puchased online an AnyCubic printer from them. They instantly charged my account but they waited one full week to process the order and turn the order over to FedEx for delivery. I finally got the printer today.

While waiting for the order, I tried to inquire via the website's "chat" feature. But there was never a response. Then I wrote two messages to their supplied contact email system. I finally got an answer blaming FedEx as being strained by weather and the holidays. And that was just so much BS. FedEx performed flawlessly once they finally got their hands on the order.

So, the transaction records show 3D simply sat on the order for a week and then lied to me blaming slow delivery on FedEx. If you like to have your orders processed a week after you place them and then have the provider try to pass off the blame for their slowness, 3D is the company for you. Otherwise, buy from someone else.