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Looking for a hand operated tubing bender


Hot Rolled
Mar 22, 2007
We are looking for a quality tube bender that will bend up to 1" dia tubing. We have bought a few cheaper models that perform marginally and would like to upgrade.
My first thought was to just buy a Diacro #3 but was curious if there is anything comparable. I do not want hydraulics nor a cheap import. Also having good control of the pressure die is important to us, so I'll be looking carefully at that feature as well. We are doing prototypes so just a few parts.

Does anyone have a good recommendation?


Cast Iron
Mar 27, 2011
Providence RI
If you have the space I would look at older/smaller Conrac, lenord,phi or Clark and Lewis benders. They where typically developed for aerospace and the smaller ones are all manual. I have a Clark and Lewis cl-150 that is a full manual mandrel bender (with the exception of mandrel retract which is a simple hydraulic cylinder) it will bend anything from 1/4” up to 1-1/2” thin wall annealed aluminum. It maxes out at 1” for steel and stainless. These benders better than a diacro and are a whole world of difference between a jd2 type bender.

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BT Fabrication

Nov 3, 2019
ive got a JD2 model 32 bender, works well, only thing currently they are 2+ months behind in manufacturing anything and everything. so no lead time promised.