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looking for a JT33 collet chuck with threaded locking collar for old drill press


Oct 30, 2020
Hello, I have an drill press that has the locking threads above the JT33 on the spindle.

I see I can get an er25 collet chuck with a JT33 mount but without the threaded locking collar.
Can anyone point me to a collet chuck with a locking collar?



Aug 2, 2008
Sounds like the milling setup on a Walker Turner. I don't think you'll find what you're looking for. Both ends of an adapter like that would be too big for the threaded collar to fit over. I made a replica of the original for mine. It's just a milling cutter holder with a shoulder for the collar to bear on, and the JT33 taper on one end. Mill holder is just a 3/8" or 1/2" hole with a setscrew.

L Vanice

Feb 8, 2006
Fort Wayne, IN
In 1963, I got a nearly new drill press at an estate auction. It had the 1/2" Jacobs chuck with locking collar. Back in 1963, I was able to then buy the other JT33 locking collar accessories: collet chuck for router bits, Drum sander and grinding/buffing wheel arbor. I think drill presses with that spindle went out of production about fifty years ago, so there would not be a great market for ER collet chucks to fit. There might be some of the old accessories on eBay occasionally, but I think the Jacobs chuck is the only thing still made. And that will be Chinese. Back in the olden times, Jacobs chuck parts could be bought separately, but maybe not now. As I recall, the chuck locking collar is retained on the chuck body with a snap ring.

The locking collar's main purpose is to make removing the chuck or other accessories relatively easy, as opposed to hammering on Jacobs wedges. Most drill presses have a plain JT33 without the male thread and the chuck, once installed, is almost impossible to remove.

Taper Mounted Heavy Duty Model Jacobs No. 34-33C (1) / 0 - 1/2 Capacity 95456144514 | eBay

Rohm used to make that type chuck, but the one in the picture was bought decades ago.


Rockwell 17 DP Spindle 1 (2).jpg


Hot Rolled
Apr 15, 2002
Central Mother Lode, California
About 1976 I bought a Sears Craftsman drill press, made in USA. Turns out it was made by Emerson and was also sold under their brand name. It has that Jacobs chuck with the locking collar. As I recall the Sears Craftsman tool catalogue at that time showed the collet chuck for router bits and other accessories that Larry describes.

It was the beginning of my home shop that now includes a Bridgeport and a 10EE.
A hobby that got out of hand...