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Looking for a source for AR WSSM bolts carrier assemblies and barrel extensions......

david n

Apr 13, 2007
Pillager, MN
Long shot here, but I'm looking for a customer of mine. He needs a source for WSSM carrier assemblies and barrel extensions. His old source moved on and his new source is less than desirable in quality. He's not in high volumes obviously, but he's willing to pay a premium for good parts. I know everyone who is doing standard AR carriers/bolts are swamped and would not want to run a few hundred in WSSM.......but maybe if the price is right.............? PM me if ya have a lead. TIA
may be a longshot but try Frank White with Compass Lake Engineering. He is officially retired but still has his hands in the business. If he cant he can steer you to someone who can.