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Looking for Bottle Jack Parts

M.B. Naegle

Feb 7, 2011
Conroe, TX USA
I have a 20 ton bottle jack that gave out last night leveling a shipping container. It's an older (80's-90's?) "Winner" made by(for) Lincoln Automotive in St. Louis, made in Taiwan. No model number on it that I've found and don't think this is the same Lincoln that made bottle jacks here in the states back in the day. It looks like any other import bottle jack and I'm certainly not opposed to chunking it and buying a new one, if not something better quality, but before it comes to that I took it apart and sure enough the piston lip seal is blown. Does anyone know an online place that sells individual lip seals by their dimensions, or is my only hope to find an appropriate kit? Tried McMaster but I'm not seeing one there. In my experience, most hydraulic repair and supply shops wouldn't want to be bothered to spend a few hours hunting down a 50 cent seal (understandably) so hoping the internet can help.

This looks like a white (now yellow) cup seal with a 1 3/4" ID, 2 1/4" OD, and 5/16" thick. Dimensions approximate because of the damage.