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Looking for Electric manuals and some general retrofit guidance on a YCM 40


Sep 22, 2020
Hey Pm,
I ended up picking up a working YCM 40 with a Milltronics Centurion 1 control from a gentleman in Cleveland Ohio earlier this month. Due to some carelessness on the freighting end I now no longer have a functioning YCM 40.
So regardless of what my plans were for this mill while I wait for insurance to sort out payment for the damages, I have been looking at retrofit options and have pretty much settled on the centroid DC board.
As the original servos and such worked fine prior to shipment I figure this will be the least painful retrofit I can do. So my questions are as follows, Does anyone know of a source or have a copy of the manuals for this machine? Also, the spindle is originally a vari-speed setup but I'd like to convert it to VFD so I can control speed and direction from the control. what would be the best way to go about this? What would be the max rpm the spindle bearings could reasonably handle?

I'd appreciate any and all information anyone has. I've included some before and after pictures of the carnage.


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