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Looking for good Fusion 360 posts for a Brother Speedio


Cast Iron
Apr 19, 2021
@DavidScott I got it to work, but there was so much trial and error I don't think I could tell you how to do it with any certainty!
My initial attempt was to put the M1. on the first G65 P8### touch or protected move line and M2. on the last line. Unfortunately the logic and variables required to figure out if the line was the first, middle or last of X number of probe operations was too convoluted for me to figure out...
Instead I made an adjustment based on my Haas post where I added a G65 P8708 M1. (turn probe on) before, and a G65 P8708 M2. (turn probe off) after all my probing operations. Then I appended M3.s on every existing P8# line the post already generates. Not sure why but it also adds a linear feed line to the program, not sure why but it doesn't matter for my application.

It might not be as "elegant" as my first attempt but it seems to work. As the saying goes "If its stupid and it works, its not stupid!"