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Looking for info on a job using 2207 duplex stainless


Apr 4, 2022
I have recently been tasked with quoting and machining some pistons and other components as well as, eventually the housing, for a pump. They are made out of 2207 duplex stainless, which I have never worked with. Everything I have read seems to tell me this stuff is a pain to work with. I am looking for any advice on this material, be it feeds/speeds, what type of tooling would be best suited for this job, what type of machine would be best for this stuff? For CNC machines we currently have a Haas ST-20Y, a Haas TL-2 and a Haas TM-1. Are any of these machines capable of machining this stuff and hitting/keeping precision tolerances? I've read that they can handle it, but some people have said Haas just isn't rigid enough. The owner of the company has stated that if getting a newer, bigger and better machine is what we need to get the job done, then to tell him what machine we need. So, if these machines aren't up to the task, what would be best for it? Also any recommendations on inserts, end mills that work well on this material would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any insight.