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Looking for Information on Hendey Lathe


Mar 1, 2022
I just came to own a hendey lathe. Serial number is 32749 and I know very little about it. I understand Hendeyman can look up by the serial number and get information on it. Any information would be helpful.


Nov 18, 2005
elfrida arizona usa

Hendey lathe No.32749, 14 x 54, 18 speed geared Head model, was completed on March 29, 1942. the following information was taken from the
original Order Form. Any information in parenthesis is my addendum.

Date Ordered: October 10, 1941
Date started: October 16, 1941
Sold to: Lloyd and Arms Inc., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Hendey Selling Agent)
Ship to: National Advisory Committee For Aeronautics, Langley field, Hampton, Virginia
Via: Prepaid - Add to Invoice
wanted: 196 days, Priority A-1-b, Certificate VG-145168
Marks: Contract NAv-1300
Description: !4" x 54" - 18 speed Geared Head Lathe CR (Compound Rest) - To swing 16-1/2" (Raised Swing Model)
Oil Pan
Regular equipment (as shown in catalog)
Timken roller bearings on main spindle - Multiple splined shafts
Taper spindle nose
Spindle speeds - 19 to 1000 R.P.M.
High speed reversing mechanism
Thread chasing dial
Drawing-in attachment and set of 11 #6 collets from 3/8" ro 1" inclusive by 16ths complete with cabinet
Taper attachment
Pump and Piping
Customer will send us the following to be shipped with lathe:
3/4" drill chuck; Sjogren #3 collet chuck together with 12 collets from 1-1/16" to 1-3/4" inclusive by 16ths;
1 - Armstrong boring bar set 1-B; 15" 4 jaw independent chuck; 12" 3 jaw universal chuck; 1 Armstrong turning tool
1-l; 1 Armstrong turning tool 1-R; 1 Armstrong turning tool 1-S; 1 Armstrong cutting off tool 31-L; 1 Armstrong
cutting off tool 31-R; and 1 Armstrong cutting off tool #21.
Arranged for vee belt connected motor drive with motor in cabinet leg
Fit ball bearing motor, 5 HP, 208 volts, 3 Phase, 60 cycles: Howell ball bearing motor 1160 RPM, Frame SC284
together with reversing magnetic starter and Trumbull disconnect switch
Furnish and fit Hendey reversing push button built into gear box
Monitor starter 7005KF1, Trumbull disconnect switch #36321
Jacobs #18 Super ball bearing drill chuck with #3 M.T. Chuck Arbor

There are very few Patterns, Casting or Repair Parts left in inventory for this lathe, but all of the original drawings are still in
the files, so parts can be made if required.