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Looking for Prototyping Shops in San Fran Bay Area


Cast Iron
Apr 11, 2005
Walnut Creek, CA
I’ve been a PM member since 2004 and this forum has helped me out more times than I can count.

I had a small optical/mechanical prototyping shop that I moved from Burbank, CA to Portland, ME in mid 2019. Then 2020 and SARS2 did me in. I closed shop in Dec 2021 and put everything in storage.

In early 2022 I moved to the San Fransisco Bay Area to work on the engineering team of an automotive manufacturer. Now I am working for a smaller high tech company.

I am now also needing to get some of my own parts made, independent of my regular job, which is why I am posting here.

I’d like to hear from any shops in or near the Bay Area that are willing to do short runs (15 pieces or less, sometimes just a few parts if that’s possible), and are comfortable with relatively tight tolerances and both inch and metric dimensions.

My parts tend to be small and not very complex, but they are for optical applications so the tolerances for flatness, concentricity are tight.

In return for your willingness to work with a “small fry” and your flexibility I am easy to work with, and pay promptly. For the really short runs payment can even be in the form of small portraits of U.S. presidents.

I really want to work with local shops and avoid large web-based services and the Far East.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if we can work together.

Clearing inbox after posting this.

Not bay area (Sacramento) but I or my wife run out there a few times a month for deliveries. Small shop, just the two of us and a few mills. Majority of our work is short run. Only mills in house, I sub out some lathe work but I'm starting to charge more for that to cover subbing risks so we may not be an economic option there.

Feel free to send me some drawings if you think we might be a good fit! Links below for some work examples.

[email protected]

LNT Machining is also out by you and I've liked their stuff a lot. Luong Tran is the guy I know there, really cool dude and solid work but heads up there's a bit of a language barrier if you need to talk through designs (Hmong I think?).
Thanks for the replies! I will be following up with anyone that contacted me.

My preference for a local shop is due to the fact that it would facilitate going over things in person, looking at mating parts, reworking parts etc. But I am not opposed to working with shops anywhere in the U.S. and should have stated that in the original post.
please contact me if you need assictance as am a 1 man machine shop so parts dont go out till they are right
fed ex and ups runs daily so just let me know

[email protected]