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Looking for someone with shaper near Bay Area ca to pay to do a job for me


Aug 16, 2022
Pacifica ca
Sorry if this is the wrong area to put this in wasn’t quite sure but I have a large Parker bench vise that I had to repair the part that the nut is secured in and I can’t figure out a way to machine out the extra build up besides with a shaper so willing to trade 12 inch Kalamazoo cold saw with extra blades for the work or can pay I’ve attached photos of thr build up I tried previously with some machinable nickel rod, but it just came out to be too brittle so I ended up just building it up with brazing rod so shouldn’t be hard to cut basically just need to take down the extra build up and also machine two 45 degree angles in the bottom center and flatten out the bottom it should be fairly easy to set up because we’re just matching the back part. That’s not been messed with it all and is exactly the same as the front.

My number is 650 737 2610 I live in Pacifica but could drive up to 100 miles maybe farther if need be . I also have two + pallet racks full of machining tools tooling and a couple machines I need to sell so if you where needing something k have could do partial trade plus cash or full trade what ever you think is fair. Just really want to be able to use this vise again out of a 150 vise collection I use to have I sold almost all of them to start getting into machining and only kept 4 Bench vises, including this one that were in great condition that I meant to kept for myself. This is the only one that needed any kind of repair plus about 10 other Bench vises that I had done and needed to do repairs on to make functional again most of them already done the welding on just need to get around the machining them down, about5x 6 inch large vises. Most of them are prentiss vises with a typical crack in the tail that I did extremely good job repairing I’ve gotten really good at cast iron repairs from repairing so many vises but understand the second you do any repair on them the collector value plummet


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