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Looking for support for parts manufacturing


Feb 17, 2014
I'm looking for a shop I can work with that doesn't mind making 1-offs and some shorter run parts. Could be 2 parts, could be 20 parts.

I would prefer a shop that doesn't use a die grinder as a final finishing tool. :-) Machined finishes are nicer and sell better :-)

Parts would need to be submitted with a marked up drawing showing measured dimensions.

I have parts to send for quote now. I could send drawings tomorrow.

You supply material (materials vary). I would need quotes back asap, the faster I get them back the faster I submit them, the better our chances of getting the work.

Send quotes with part price only, also include shipping in that price. (I don't care what material costs you and how much time you think it's going to take to make and what tooling you're going to have to buy :-) )

parts would need to be in my hands on due date (sometimes I can get some grace on due dates)


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