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LT-400 turret home position


Jun 7, 2023
Good day,
I hope that someone will be able to help. We are stuck on a customers Litz LT-400, turret does not index. When you try to manually index or give tool change command in MDI. Turret unclamps and just sits there. It might be beter to start at top. The customer had someone else working on the machine first. Apparently he blew the Fanuc drive, had it repaired. After drive repair, he blew the Fanuc turret motor. Had motor repaired and blew the Fanuc drive for a second time. Then customer got a replacement drive from Fanuc and had it installed. Now only they asked me to get the turret going. I have tried resetting the turret position on PMM 0011.0 but it is not excepting it. Please see attached pictures. I will really appreciate it if anyone can help with some information.

Thanks in advance


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