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Lubrication experts / advice please


Hot Rolled
Jul 29, 2011
Southern Calif US
I will start by saying this, yes, I have the manual, no, it doesn't contain the information I need. Yes, I have contacted the manufacture, no, they couldn't tell me the proper material for this product.

Logan lathe, 2K RPM spindle, Fafnir angular contact bearing set, bearing sides serviceable via circlips and removable seals. No measurable play on end or radial, just want fresh lube.

Can someone recommend a product that wont cause the bearing cage to skate, also looking for fill percentage.

I know there are some grease gurus on this board and I look to you as a last resort, I have exhausted all means available to me except this one. I will try to answer any other questions you may have, but I think above covers it.
just want fresh lube.

Are the bearings out of the lathe and have they been cleaned?
Unless you've done that, anything we tell you is wasted. Since you don't know what was put in the bearings originally, you're taking a chance that the lubricants will not be compatible. I'd say the chance is very high.

As for grease, probably and NLGI #1 or less. Don't use a lithium grease, a calcium or barium soap is better for the EP factor of the angular contact bearing. Fill percentage is usually less than 33% by volume.

Without knowing the bearing numbers and what the pre-load is, you can not calculate the film thickness. Having said that, what I would use if the bearings were absolutely clean, Kluber Isoflex NBU-15.

Thanks everyone. Yes, there are out and clean, ready for a fresh start. Final flush will be with non chlorinated brake cleaner. Is that ok for no residue?
I've got a copy of that Timken sheet. I don't usually link to it:

1. Kluberspeed BF 72-22 is only available in 14 oz (400g) and larger sizes. Last time I looked, a 14 oz, grease gun style cartridge was over $100 and is probably enough to to 50 bearing sets.

2. Arconal L75 and Arconal Speed2,6 are the same thing. L75 is the old number. You can get the Speed2, 6 in 250 g tubes. Tough to find on this side of the pond.

3. Lubcon L252 or Turmogrease Highspeed L252 is available in 250g tubes, I've never been able to find any on this side of the pond.

4. A while back, I ran into a sheet from Gayco with the same information just a different layout. I can't upload because my copy "exceeds the size allowed for this type of file". The Grayco file does list the Kluber Isoflex NBU 15

I can get Kluber products fairly easy over the web. A 250 gram tube of grease is more than enough for most machines and runs about $30 plus shipping. I don't think that Kluber is any better than the others, but it probably is the easiest to find.
NBU-15 is available from the link I posted for about $30 for 50 grams. I think if you calculate your dn you'll find this isn't a very challenging application and almost anything mentioned above will do well.