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Lufkin 702 dial caliper with window


Mar 27, 2010
Northern California
I recently bought a Lufkin 702 dial calipers that has a small window at the bottom of the dial. I knew that Lufkin had sold a 701 vernier calipers that they had sourced from Etalon in Switzerland, but had no idea that Lufkin also sold the 702 dial calipers as it is not in any of their catalogs that I could find.

This Lufkin has a 0.200” per revolution with the left half in black (0 at the bottom and 90 on top) and the right half in red (0 at the top and 90 on the bottom).

The 702 dial calipers were made in Japan by, I’m guessing, Mitutoyo. I’ve searched for which model of Mitutoyo dial calipers this might be, but didn’t find any with the small window. The window shows the numbers 0 to 9 with even numbers in red and odd numbers in black. Does anyone recognize which Mitutoyo model this Lufkin is based on?

The calipers do not zero out at the twelve o’clock position. And if you zero out at the current five o’clock position, then the lower window doesn’t allow the travel numbers to be visible. Is there a way to reclock the needle?


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I have reset dial caliper needles on a number of different makers' calipers by taking off the bezel and crystal, prying the pointer needle off its shaft, and reinstalling the needle so that it points correctly.

There are pullers made especially for removing gage pointers, but a slotted wedge or a pair of 1/8 inch screwdriver tips bent to prybar shape can also be used. Use a piece of good paper or shim stock to protect the surface of the dial if you don't have the special puller.

A new pencil's eraser makes a good tool to press the reset needle onto its shaft.

Do take my comments with the proverbial grain of salt, as I have no specific experience with your Lufkin 702 caliper.
There is a tool that slides along the rack and allows you to jump the pinion over the rack teeth. It's been a minute but pretty sure this is correct. A paperclip will work. I'll bet each tooth is a quarter turn on the dial.

Maybe you can find the exact procedure somewhere.
Thanks for all of the ideas on how to reclock the needle. I removed the bezel lock and I don’t see a hole where a tool can be inserted. Not too surprising since these calipers date back to at least 1968, and maybe a couple of years younger than that.

I haven’t tried the shim trick yet.

I found that a Mitutoyo 505-623 looks pretty darn close to this Lufkin. The main difference appear to be that the Lufkin has the metric scale offset from the imperial scale, whereas on the Mitutoyo the scales are aligned on the left. The Lufkin only has one fine adjust wheel, and the Mitutoyo has two wheels. And finally the bezel lock and slide lock are located in different positions.

I didn’t find any other dial calipers that have a revolution window in my limited search effort. The revolution window appears to be very uncommon.

This is a neat set of calipers from a historical perspective, but I find that the 0.200” per revolution leaves the thousandth tick marks just too close together for easy use with my older eyes.


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