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Machine Shop ERP Recommendations


Mar 3, 2022
Our company is in the process of building a machine shop/tool room. We are looking at purchasing an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software to help manage our projects, flow, etc.

I have used JDE and SAP in other companies, but right now our company is looking at getting Proshop. The main reason is that it seems like Proshop is geared specifically towards machine shops.

Anyone here familiar with Proshop? What are your thoughts on it?

Does anyone here have any recommendations on a good ERP software for a machine shop environment?

Any general tips in matter are greatly appreciated.


Sep 23, 2014
I’m a small shop and I have never worked in a big shop to know how they keep track of it but I would like to know more info.

If you guys end up going with something let me know what it is and if it’s pricey. Really just looking for something basic myself because ei am terrible at keeping up with paperwork etc. I can do the machine shop work just not great at the administrative side.


Sep 28, 2009
barcelona, spain
In general erp is a scam to sell it hours for never ending customisation.

Ask any vendor for 2 references who spent less than 100k .. silence.

Buy anything packaged that a reasonably capable secretary can customise.
Quickbooks is a good option.

Real erp is for integrating multiple lines of incoming products, international, with overlap for redundancy, accounting for variable shipping times, and complex final machining and assy and sales across multiple markets in multiple currencies.
And real time accounting across multiple tax regimens.

Me and 2 of my geeks could do the above in 12 months for about 700k.
No-one you will find will do it for less.
(Yes, many will promise it for peanuts. They will not have references for similar work and will not finish the job properly.)
I built several systems like that, in the past.

A small shop does not want real erp.


Oct 1, 2020
Hey, here test this out. I can sell a copy of this software and walk you thru on how to make it based on your servers/computers so it doesn't have to be online.

demo.pureaeroportal.com -> this is the ERP for Admins
demo.pureaeroportal.com/shop_login.php -> this link is for the shop floor.

User logins for both are:

If you would be interested shoot me an email at [email protected]

(I've built this software for my own shop, and it has been working well for me. As well, as of now I have built in a simple Bookkeeping Feature with the ability to create Invoices/Packing Slips and Purchase Orders although you won't be able to see this in the DEMO version)


Apr 14, 2018
Over the River and Through the Woods
There's been about a hundred threads on this already. Go to your favorite search engine and type < site:practicalmachinist.com/vb erp > and you will find a bunch. McGyver's discussion is one I remember in particular having a lot of input.

Or just pm him directly, he can probably send you there. He's got a fairly small shop and put a lot of work into this subject.