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Machinery Discussion Guidelines

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Dec 15, 2000
Note this is the is the Manufacturing Forum, not the home shop machinist forum. And while all levels of "how to" metalworking or woodworking questions regarding technique are welcome here, we are drawing the line at discussing manual "home shop grade" Asian machine tools and hand tools.

Note I said "home shop grade" Larger and/or higher quality Asian machines that might be used in manufacturing or job shop setting are ok to discuss.

The discouragement of HSM grade Asian machine discussion is partially because they have all ready been discussed to death here, and partically because they are not used (or at shouldn't be) in any manufacturing/job shop envirnoments.

For these machines, there are other sites such as the HSM Magazine forum, Chaski forum and various Yahoo Groups that are more appropriate.



Also not allowed for discussions on PM now-

*Atlas/ Craftsman/Dunlap products - anywhere

*Sherline and Taig - anywhere, including CNC versions

*Hacksaws- anywhere

*Horizontal shapers - Antique Machinery forum only
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