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Machining a ball screw nut


Jun 26, 2018
I'm curious if anyone has ever tried machining a nut for a ball screw with a manual lathe?
You're not likely to get the level of precision needed for zero backlash. Those are generally ground threads and made on machines in very good condition and/or with error compensation available. If you just want to make something for fun, I suppose you could technically do it.
Thanks, yea I figured they were grand on machines with all the inaccuracies accounted for. This is just an experiment for me, with the nut being for a personal project where backlash is not an issue although I'd like to keep it to a minimum.
Have you considered roller nuts?

Here's a design (warning long thread) I used a fews years ago on ny unmentionable. They are still going strong and have bo backlash.

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As eKretz said, you probably could not machine a precision one.

However, for an application such as the old scissor jacks which used ball screws it would probably be OK. They used ball screws for ease in turning the shaft while lifting the very heavy old cars.