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?? Machining Titanium w/ 1/32 (.0312 diameter) end mill and .5mm (.0197 diameter)


Mar 5, 2017
HELP - I'm having a hard time finding nice solid speeds and feeds for titanium using 5mm and 1/32 diameter end mills.
Any suggestions from anyone? I put my 'initial thoughts' below... please feel free to comment...

These machines have been working great and I've done a lot of 303 Stainless with .150 x 150 pockets @ .150 deep with 1/32 end mills no problems.
I have not done much small diameter milling in Titanium for a bit and don't want to go through the end mills :nono: $
Here's the basics regarding Machines and just a couple parts details...

Chevalier QP2040-L
10k Spindles
One machine with Synergy 735 Coolant
One machine with Blasocut BC 35 NF

Part 1
Grade 5 Titanium
0.039 Wide Slot x 0.020 deep
Accupro End Mill, 1/32 Dia x 1/8 Loc ALTIN 4 FL

Part 2
Grade 2 Titanium
.164 x .164 Pocket @ 0.040 Deep w/ 0.010 Radius in Corners (+/- .005 on Corner Radius)
.5mm (0.0197 diameter) x 1.5mm Loc Uncoated 4 FL
I will be getting rid of the bulk with 5/64 end mill likely and may pre-drill corners with drill point .002 off bottom.

My initial thoughts for the slot part is 8500 RPM, .0002/tooth, 6.9 ipm at .006 doc. The RPM only because I don't usually run max, the rest just to be conservative hopefully to save the end mills and not rub them to death.

Thanks in advance!
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Mar 5, 2017
All Good...

We ran the .5mm 4 flute end mill at 8500 RPM at 6 IPM .034 deep (side profiling), .006 deep (slotting).
We ran the .031in 4 flute end mill the same though we could have increased the feed but only had a few parts requiring this huge end mill.

Hopefully it's helpful to someone. No broken end mills. Next run we'll speed things up.