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Macpol Speedy 2 screen flickering


Jul 13, 2015
Regards from Croatia,

I have a question about a woodworking machine, Macpol Speedy 2,

my colleague bought this machine and now he has a problem with his graphics card or mainboard, his picture is flickering.

I was at his workshop today and he didn't know what to do with it, we tried cleaning connectors and adjusting windows settings (screen resolution and other similar settings) but nothing helped, screen kept flickering too.

Do you know maybe, where he might find another mainboard or graphics card for this machine? I can give you additional details about this machine if needed. I just wanted to know if spare parts for this kind of machine are available.

Thanks in advance


Apr 29, 2022
Not sure if you tried this, but you might try 1. Using a different cable. 2. Cleaning the....oh I just googled this thing. I'm not sure....either the screen is damaged somehow, the GPU is dying, or the power supply is dying? Does it look like Lot Macpol Speedy AF digital work center this? Or is it like Spida Machinery Automated Apollo Saw - Spida Machinery this? Just wondering.

Does the bootup take a long time now versus when you bought it? And how long have you had this machine? Computers have a timeframe of being useful. So it could be time to build a new machine for it.