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Magnetic Separator


Nov 21, 2017
We have a Bundi magnetic separator on our Okamoto 1224 surface grinder. There is a roller on top that sqeezes the coolant out of the swarf as it rolls on top of the Magnetic drum. The issue is that the material builds up on the Neoprene wheel and never ends up going off the chute.
We have tried to tighten the contact between them and also tried to loosen the pressure. The roller is very soft I would guess around shore 40A. Could this be the issue?
Any help would be appreciated.


Diamond; Mod Squad
Mar 27, 2005
Northwest Indiana, USA
We had a magnetic separator on a big Mattison but I can't recall the brand. It had a scraper that sort of peeled the swarf from the rotating roller and directed it into a bin. Maybe you could add one to yours.