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Maho MH 600 and MH 700 Documentation

I am looking for a manual for the MAHO MH-600 milling machine. Unfortunately, the links above are for an older version of the machine. I have it like the picture.
Good day,
I am trying to download the documents but get a message "access denied".
Can you help please?
Hi. Same problem here, trying to download but i need user rights to those links. Already asked for them, thank you.
Trying again - it won't let me post much of a file size. I'll try posting them over on the hobby machinist board - downloads section (they allow larger files). David
I found the download section here on PM to be difficult (small allowable file size). I posted them on Hobby Machinist, go to their download section, “search downloads” for Maho. My user name there is Chipper5783