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Maho MH 700, Philips 432, error I35


Aug 15, 2023
Like the title say, Im stuck with error I35 on my Mh700c.
Cant go in reference point, can't do nothing except moving axes in manual mode and turn on the spindle on 10 rpm.
When zeroing axes it comes up with error I35 followed by 05 on litle display near main switch.
Cabin lock switch is okay, lube levels are okay, hidraulick oil is okay and I don't know where else to search...
Okay, after research, I found that error 05 on litle display is related to pressure switch lubrication headstock and gearbox. Dunno if it's the pump or sensor for presure but I jumped the sensor and everything is fully working. Tomorrow I'll check pump and sensor and get replaced what ever is bad.