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MAHO MH500 W with Heidenhain cnc 232b


Dec 15, 2022
Hello to everyone!

i just got an used MAHO MH500 W with heidenhain CNC 232B control unit.
My problem is that i can't find a manual with the english explanation of the parameter function
(i mean a table where is indicated all parameters and to what they correspond, i have the parameters of the machine and is up and running but i don't know to what correspond each parameter).

I found such manual in english for the control unit TNC 155 but the parameter numbers are different so no luck with it...

could you please tell me where i could download such a manual (i think is named: mounting instructions and interface circuit control machine for CNC 232B)?

or at least tell me to which other controller correspond the parameters of the HEIDENHAIN cnc 232b ?

thanks a lot in advance,


Jun 6, 2023
my Maho MH 500 W-232 NC has problème in transfert of programme it cant read the R232, when i send a programme my machine can not recive it, it signe that the programme is not ready, can any one help me please