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Maho MH500C documentation


Sep 27, 2014
I am looking for a manual for an MH500C with a built-in rotary table. Not the control, the machine itself. A new control has been fitted. I am specifically interested in any information on the spindle gearing. The machine is equipped with an Indramat DC motor and an Indramat TRK6-4u DC drive. There are two motors for changing gears. The left motor (closer to the spindle output) is marked with three (3) colored dots, and the right motor is marked with two (2). The right shaft appears to be frozen in place. The middle colored dot (on the left) appears to be some kind of Neutral position, so I am thinking that there are four (4) gear ranges. Does anyone know what the original maximum spindle speed was? I am happy to pay for scanning or copying.