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Maho MH600 (manual machine, 1968), #11367, English version of electrical schematic needed.

My copy of the English manual has a German annotated diagram, so your best option is probably that and Google translate - Assuming yours is the "round head" type, not the "square" version

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In need of an electrical schematic. DMG/MAHO/ MORI seem unable to help.
Or can anyone help trouble shoot my mill? There was a "pop" and it went dead. Fuses are good.
Thanks, Jerry
I have not used the site much before so I didn't see you already have the schematic. I don't know of many other people that have the mh600 so I would like to exchange info.
Hi Mh600, do you know what year your machine is? I posted a bunch of info in the downloads section over on hobby machinist (they allow a file size that is reasonable). You are correct that the early MH600/700 (sometimes referred to as “round heads”), are not common - but there certainly are a few around. I have corresponded with 6-8 people that have them.

What information are you looking for? Could you please share the story of how the machine came to you, post pictures, what any issues are and what you hope to do with it?

Regards, David