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Maho MH600E startup


Apr 4, 2016
Trying to get a Maho MH600E running again.
Is it normal for the machine to move all three axis motors when holding pressing start button for the first time?
After pressing start and clear the X and Z stop turning but Y stills turns.
Seems a bit strange, if machine was homed and then restarted then pressing start moves all axis to limit switches and then you need to manually move them back again and home again.

I got to where I can home Z and X - press start and clear and home only Z and X but Y axis is always turning so disconnected the motor cable for now.

Not sure if my first problem is that the motors all turn when first pressing start.

Also hydraulics don't come on but pressure shows like 150 bar - should this only come on if there is not enough pressure?

Any help appreciated.